About Us

SpiritsforAmerica.com is a unique new website where American consumers can learn about the world's finest spirits. Our site features a diverse, flavorful collection of the world's most unique products. These are treasures collected from the far reaches of the earth. Each spirit has a story to tell. Each one is special. That's why we focus on a few and take the time to tell you all about them.

We go beyond a basic star or number rating. We talk about the flavor, the history, the origin, the customs, who's drinking it, and even give you serving suggestions. Think of our site as a spirit sampling, where you can do everything but taste.

At SpiritsForAmerica.com we believe that enjoying a flavorful spirit or taking a sip of a fine quality wine is more than just having a drink. Shared with loved ones or as a toast among friends, an extraordinary spirit or a marvelous wine can inspire memories. That's why we're so discriminating about our products.

Each selection is carefully chosen. Our standards are high.

In order for a spirit or wine to be listed on our site, it has to be:

  1. very special
  2. able to inspire memories
  3. ready to burst onto the American market

Many of our selections are making their American debut. They are the trends of tomorrow - so new that they have yet to make their way to a retailer near you. While Spirits for America is not a retailer, we do provide you with a list of retailers where you can purchase these special products. There is a growing network of SpiritsForAmerica.com retailers. These retailers are listed on our site for your shopping convenience.

We want SpiritsForAmerica.com users to be the first to taste the best.

Check back often.

We will be adding more extraordinary products to our site.

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