Batuque Superior Cachaça

The Story:

Batuque is a superior Cachaça, made from sugar cane and aged in Santos Mahogany barrels. It is considerably smoother than typical clear Cachaca and has a warm, golden amber color. At 84 proof, the alcohol content is a bit higher than typical rums and other Cachaca. As the highest rated “Brazilian Style Rum’ ever introduced to North America, it is almost inappropriate to compare Batuque with white spirit Cachaca. Batuque can be sipped ‘naked’ while most others would never be consumed straight. Try it straight up or on the rocks, and of course it’s perfect for one of the world’s most beloved cocktails, the Caipirinha.

Batuque captures the playfulness and spirit of Brazil in the packaging as well as in the taste. The first edition porcelain decanter is award winning, garnering five awards from the Beverage Tasting Institute including package of the year. The decanter expresses the joy, music and dance of Carnival.



Batuque comes from Brazil, the land of sambas and carnival. The spirit is truly artesian crafted. Coming from a small community in the North of Brazil, the capital of hand crafted Cachaça, Batuque is distilled in small pot stills to assure the highest degree of quality and control. The blending of the Cachaça of various ages to assure consistency in taste, smoothness, and color is a large part of the art.

Cachaca has been made is Brazil since the 1500’s. It is the national spirit of Brazil.

Local Customs:

Brazilians enjoy sipping Cachaca all year round. It is especially popular sipped in a Caipirinha or at Carnival, a yearly festival event similar to Mardi Gras.

Did you know?

Batuque! It means rhythm. Not just any rhythm but the special beat of Carnival - the rhythm of brazil - of samba, love, dance, and joy.

The Buzz:

The spirit is rapidly gaining recognition in America. It has become amazingly popular in Europe. In Germany, Caipirinha sales are only exceeded by beer. Cachaca is soon to see explosive growth all over the world.

Batique is truly unique, with some spirit experts comparing the range of flavors to cognac while others compare it to a fine, aged tequila. The Beverage Tasting Institute states that it has a “lively, slightly tannic entry leads to a dry light-medium bodies palate with dried fruits and nuts, exotic wild honey and aggressive peppery brown spices. Finishes with a wash of spice and heat”.

Serving Suggestions:

Here’s the recipe for one of the world’s most famous cocktails.

Batuque Caipirinha

1 Lime
2 Ounces of Batuque Cachaça
Sugar (2 tsp or to taste)

Cut lime into quarters and place on the bottom of a rocks glass. Spoon sugar over the limes and mash with pestle or wooden spoon handle, releasing the juice from the lime and combining it with the sugar. Pour Batuque cachaça over limes, add ice, stir and enjoy!

There is no cocktail, this delicious, that is this easy to make but there are a few quick tips and tricks to tell you about. Before you cut the lime, you can gently squeeze it or, with slight pressure, roll it around on your cutting board. This helps the lime give up its juice. Be gentle but forceful! Limes do have bitter oils in their skin. If you mash down too hard on the limes when combining the sugar, you will release these oils. Having a positive attitude and saying nice things about the lime can also help.

For a party or a few friends, throw on some samba music and make a pitcher of Caipirinhas!

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