Old Course Single Malt Whisky

The Story:

The Old Course Single Malt Whisky is the official whisky of the Clubhouse and regarded as the noblest of spirits. For many years visitors to The Old Course have enjoyed the ‘clubhouse malt'. This unique fully mature malt whisky was specially selected for its fresh taste and grassy overtones. The lovely light golden color is evocative of the famous Old Course surroundings.

Now, for the first time, Old Course Single Malt Whisky is available in the USA .



St Andrew's, known as the Home of Golf, is where the spirit and traditions of golf have been safeguarded for over six centuries. Imagine standing on the famous Swilcan bridge looking at the 18 th fairway in the world's oldest golf course. Then celebrate the spirit of golf by enjoying another tradition, Old Course Single Malt Whisky.

The Whisky is matured in Chenin Blanc grape casks. The nose is floral and lightly fruity. The taste is of aniseed and aromatic spices over a savory base. The finish is long and dry.


Local Customs:

In Scotland , they've been distilling and drinking whisky for even longer than they've been playing golf.

The ancient Celts called whisky ‘uisge beatha' or ‘the water of life'.

Did you know?

The packaging on Old Course Single Malt Whisky is illustrated with hand drawings of famous holes and detailed depictions of the infamous characters who played them over the past 600 years. The outer tube reveals much of the history of the course while the label describes each of the 18 holes.

From the gift tin:

“Cheape's bunker was named for Sir James Cheape, who saved the links from the rabbit farmers in 1821.”

“A cluster of three bunkers makes up Principal's Nose, possibly a reference to Mr Haldane, principal of St Mary's College in the early 19th century and endowed with a prominent, bulbous nose.”

The Buzz:

This whisky is sure to be a golfer's favorite. Two of Scotland 's greatest gifts – golf and malt whisky – are combined to make this unique product.

Purchase of this malt makes a contribution to the preservation and maintenance of the historic golf courses at St Andrew's, including the Old Course.

Serving Suggestions:

The 19 th hole is a perfect place to enjoy Old Course Single Malt Whisky. Or anywhere that you want to relive those wonderful golf moments. Celebrate with a dram or two.


Where to buy

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