Rhum Clément

The Story:

Rhum Clément Liqueur Creole Shrubb is highly regarded vibrant orange rhum-based liqueur – long since known as the “best kept secret on the island of Martinque.” Creole Shrubb is perfect alone neat or on the rocks; or ideal in Cosmopolitan martinis and Margaritas.

Clément VSOP Rum has long been the identity of Rhum Clément. The superb alchemy between rum and wood orchestrated by the Cellar Master is what gives Clément VSOP its unique personality and well-deserved notoriety.

Rhum Clément Première Canne is the alternative ultra-premium white spirit that will lead the next wave for the cocktail generation. It is the only natural rum in the world made from the pressed juice of specific varieties of sugarcane, resulting in pure rum that is smooth and enjoyable.



From the French Carribean island of Martinique, Rhum Clément has a long distinguished history of producing the highest quality rums since 1887. The founder of Rhum Clément, Homere Clément, is credited as being the “father of Rhum Agricole” the distillation of rhum from pure sugar cane juice. Heritiers H. Clément continues this fine tradition by selecting and pressing the best sugar canes from Martinique to distill.

Not Molasses!!

Local Customs:

Shrubb is an ancient Creole cocktail that has been used to celebrate special occasions. It is so good though, that there really is no need to wait. Just serve it to create the atmosphere.

Rhum Clément is served mostly in Ti’ Punch or Planteur Punch in Martinique. Ti’ Punch is a very traditional cocktail that is made with 4/5th rhum and a touch of cane syrup with a squeeze of lime. The Planteur is again 4/5ths rum with either grapefruit or guava and lime juice. The people of Martinique love their rhum and it has to be ultra pure and smooth to be mixed in such cocktails. That is why Martinique rhums are so treasured and are considered the best in the world.

Did you know?

Première Canne received a silver medal at the 2005 San Francisco Spirit Competition, the most prestigious competition in America. Première Canne was not entered in the rum category but in the general white spirits category. In this category dominated by vodkas, Première Canne’s clean, crisp and ultra-smooth taste commanded attention.

Rhum Clement VSOP Rum is a gold medal winner at the Brussels International Spirits Challenge (Aged Rum –7 Years and under 2)

The Buzz:

These spirits can found in trendy upscale eateries and the hippest clubs. B.E.D. in the heart of Chelsea New York serves The International Vixen; The Mingle Daquairi, and the Pear Daquari. At Rock Candy, order The Candy Canne. Blue Starr serves The Creole Royalle and at The Falls, be sure and try Clément du Monde

Serving Suggestions:

Creole Royale
2 oz Clément Creole Shrubb
4 oz Brut Champagne or Prosecco
Orange zest w/ cherry garnish
Creole Daiquiri
Tall Glass
2 oz. of Clément Première Canne white rum
1 oz. Clément Creole Shrubb
2 oz. Fresh lime juice
Lime wheel garnish
The Clément Family’s Secret Planteur Punch
Martini or Highball Glass
4 oz. Clément Première Canne white rum or VSOP Rum
2 oz. Fresh Grapefruit juice
1 oz. Fresh Lime juice
1 oz. Canne syrup
Pineapple wedge for garnish
Tall Glass
1 oz. Fresh lime juice
2 lime wedges
4 Fresh mint leaves
1 oz of canne syrup (or Clément Creole Shrubb for orange spice Mojito)
Muddle contents and add ice
2 oz. of Clément Première Canne white rum
1 oz. soda water or sparkling wine
Mint sprig for garnish

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